principles in technology

how do you make them concrete?

Thursday, 13 December 16:00-18:00 @ Greenhost Amsterdam

In this meetup hosted by Greenhost, we will look for ways to translate values ​​and principles into technology. How do you make beautiful and abstract words concrete?

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When designing technology, it becomes clear that principles lay behind that technology. Conversely, we find it important that certain principles are translated into the same technology. Technology must be accessible and transparent, and citizens must be able to maintain their autonomy. These large and abstract terms must then be translated into actual technology. But how do you do that?

How can you make these principles concrete so that they do not remain only as nice words, but are reflected in the chosen or designed technology? In this meetup, organized by the Digital Identity Lab, in collaboration with Greenhost and Tada, we look for ways to translate abstract principles into technology.

The Digital Identity Lab

The Digital Identity Lab is looking for new ideas, concepts, and concrete tools that can create a reliable and secure digital identity and increase our understanding of it. Various stakeholders are invited to participate in the debate. For example, we will bring together various perspectives from citizens, experts, artists, civil servants, and others for a complete picture of the issue of digital identity.


Greenhost is a sustainable web hosting company. In their daily work, sustainability principles are included in the choices they make for technology and business operations. What challenges did they encounter when integrating this principle in their technology? What did they learn from that?


Tada developed 6 principles for a digital city. This is a great opportunity to anchor these principles in the city’s technology. How do they deal with this translation and what are they going against?

16:00 – Introduction Greenhost

16:05 – Digital Identity Lab – from principles towards a testing framework

16:30 – Greenhost: translating sustainability principles into technology

17:00 – Tada: principles for a digital city: how do we embed them into technology?

17:30 – Getting started: take one principle and run it through a digital identity tool

18:00 – Closing